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By creating a living space where our colleagues can notice themselves, develop and raise awareness; harmonizing the company’s goals and objectives with their own needs and expectations.


Creating a sense of common identity and unity that makes employees feel valued.

Our Values

The values ​​described as the social glue of the corporate culture are the guides of all our employees who have left their mark with their papillae touch, creating a sense of common identity and unity in individuals.

By focusing on motivation and talent, we give importance to our employees being team members and leaders who share among themselves, care about open communication, turn each other’s differences into advantage.

Our most important source is that we love our job.

What matters to us is that we love our work. For this, we strive for you to have the job you love with Rotation Programs and Development Programs. As Papilon, we support the well-being and motivation of our employees with the fringe benefits we offer. Apart from your fringe benefits, our annual bridge permission program enables everyone to easily schedule their permits from the beginning of the year. Share your talents with us and notice many more opportunities.

Be a part of the change so that you can comfortably share your opinion.

In order to ensure the continuity of the ethical codes and to make the codes a living value, we evaluate by taking the results about the application and comprehensibility of the ethical codes with periodic surveys. The aim is to create a common corporate culture, a harmonious working environment, and a company that is responsible to the society.

(You can reach our code of ethics by clicking here.)

Papilon employees,

  • Are aware that the most basic resource is ‘human’.
  • Because of its value and usefulness, treats all living things with care and prudence.
  • Never insult any person, person’s right or opinion; values ​​people, their rights and opinions.
  • Behave in good intentions, understanding and respect with relationships based on open communication.
  • Encourage different ideas, decisions, teamwork, common sense, flexible thinking / acting.

Join Papilon, where each employee is given the opportunity to contribute in today’s ever-changing and developing world.

The output we get in the face of unexpected events is important. At Papilon, when we are stuck in an uncertain situation, we take advantage of this and focus on what we can learn. At this stage, we give everyone the opportunity to add a unique feature to the process. We are aware that the important thing today is not the big fish to eat the small fish, but the fast fish to eat the slow fish.

Do you want to be a part of one of these teams?

  • MOR
  • MOT
  • MOB
  • MOC


Operation and Administrative Affairs:

We perform daily office procedures and provide administrative support for employees.


We record, classify, summarize, analyze and interpret financial information on the assets and resources of the company.

Organizational Development:

We carry out career management processes by improving personnel employment, support the development of employees and harmonize employee and company objectives. We improve the quality management system, provide the assurance of the service and the product and create its standards.

Investor Relations:

We convey the most accurate information about the company's operations and financial performance to stakeholders and investors.


We aim to eliminate or reduce the risks that may arise from interest and exchange rate volatility. We make evaluations for cost reduction methods.




Service and IT Operation:

We ensure that the systems are sustainable by carrying out maintenance and support activities related to the established or to be installed systems. By identifying the company's problems in the field of informatics and technology, we find solutions to the problems within the framework of technological possibilities.


We do research on the new technology product and production process that support the company goals, we plan and test the process by scanning the literature.

Product Engineering:

We are responsible for the design, development and testing of a software product starting from the idea stage to the process that will be presented to the customer.

Enterprise Solution Engineering:

We manage the process and develop the product to respond to customer needs in existing products.

Design and Creativity:

We carry out the necessary modeling and animation processes by making website design, product designs.


We reveal innovative ideas that will improve the products by examining the products with their technical aspects.

Technical Solutions:

We determine the business requirements by making project analysis and clarify the work flow according to customer needs analysis.



We identify new markets and determine the appropriate strategy and requirement for these markets, find new sectors and promote existing products.

Project management and quotation:

We carry out the project process in line with the sales targets of the developed products and prepare the proposal.

Customer Acquisition:

By conducting a needs analysis with potential customers, we ensure the continuity of the relationship and find new customers.


We ensure that orders from customers in the region they are responsible for are delivered on time and completely.



We provide support for events that have happened or will happen, including legal, intellectual property rights, external representation and business relations, and capital market issues.

Where do you need to start to be a part of this culture?

Considering that sustainable development is achieved with human-oriented and transparency, we do our recruitment interviews, which we conduct regardless of gender, language, religion, ethnicity, considering the principle of equal opportunity, only based on performance, knowledge and experience.

  • Application:

    Filling the form on jobs.papilon.com.tr

  • Evaluation:

    CV-position conformance

  • Competency-Based Interview

    Competence-position conformance

  • Technical Interview:

    Technical skills-position conformance

  • Sample Project

    Research project/ Presentation

There are many reasons to feel valued at Papilon.

Introduce yourself to us and take a step to join this system with a touch of Papil.