Life at Papilon

We know that feeling safe is one of the first conditions for meeting needs.

We do our best for our employees to internalize the Papilon culture, make them feel safe and support their well-being. We care about creating a bond of trust between our employees and Papilon, as we know that it has an impact on productivity, employee morale and teamwork.

Fringe Benefits at Papilon

  • Health Insurance

    The health of our colleagues is important to us. Complementary health insurance for our employees is made 6 months after their recruitment.

  • Personal Accident Insurance

    In order to take precautions against accidents, we provide personal accident insurance for all our employees on the day they start work.

  • Meal Card

    Monthly meal card is given to those who have completed the trial period positively after starting work.

  • Flexible Work

    "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion." On the way we set off with the motto, we offer the opportunity to work effectively from the office or remotely, if necessary.

  • Occupational Health and Safety

    In order to ensure the safety of the employees and the enterprise, Papilon has an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist who will support us.

  • Company Doctor

    The importance given to the health of our colleagues is supported by our company doctor, who offers us guidance and counseling within the institution.

  • Training and Development Opportunities

    We try to increase the competencies of our employees with internal and external trainings we organize to support their professional and personal development.

  • Master's and PhD support

    For our colleagues who want to continue their academic development while working, graduate and PhD support is provided at a level that does not interfere with their duties.

Sharing will improve in our spirit when we create a strong communication network and internalize it.

We take care to listen not only with our ears, but as reflected by Chinese culture. With eyes, ears, mind, heart and attention. Chinese culture describe all these actions in one word and use the word “Tīnglì”. Listening is the first step in communicating openly. At Papilon, we also care about open communication and translate and convey emotions into words as they are. Because information increases as it is shared and used. In order to provide a critical competitive advantage in today’s business environment, it is open to information sharing and effective communication among employees at all levels within the organization in Papilon.

Our goal is to focus on accepting existing differences and how we can create common sense with them, rather than trying to change people.

Our awareness begins when we accept our differences and focus on how to turn them into advantage. Because for us, managing our differences means managing ourselves. The moment we look in the mirror and see ourselves with our pros and cons, we see that we are ready to accept those around us as they are. The greatest benefit of managing differences well is to improve communication and cooperation between different groups, and the synergy we create in this way turns us into an advantage in our business.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the leader of our country who left the greatest marks ever said: “Societies that want to live comfortably without working, getting tired or producing; They are doomed to lose first of all their dignity, then their freedom, then their independence and their future ”.

This is our approach at Papilon. By making learning continuous, we draw conclusions from the events we experience. At the same time, it is a part of our dynamic structure to be an organization that constantly changes, develops and renews itself as a result of all these so that our employees are in a system in which they develop, so that our employees can adapt themselves to changing environmental conditions.

While we differ with our competencies and knowledge, we are aware of the importance of contributing and integrating into the team.

We feel belonging to the group we are in, so we have a structure that is more open to solidarity and sharing with our teammates. We trust the “self” that make us who we are, because we do many things with confidence. But when the time comes, we also know how to pull ourselves back for the benefit of the team, to suppress the inner self and to be “us”. As a team, we determine the goals we want to achieve together and make every effort to stick to these goals.

As Papilon, we create qualified Human Resources based on human orientation and transparency, contributing to sustainable development.

What is the Leadership Systematic, our management tool?

It is our horizontal hierarchical management system, which arises from the combination of leadership competencies and role behaviors that complement each other. With the leadership system, we enable our employees to interact with individuals in line with their goals, to change them and to improve themselves.

But what is the horizontal hierarchy of creativity and productivity?

Six roles as assistant specialist-specialist-assistant leader-leader-master-coach are interconnected in a horizontal order. Although roles are not determined by experience and experience, what is expected from right to left is our power to see what is shared with science, hope and sharing.

As a learning organization, we care that our employees are development-oriented, adaptable to change with cognitive flexibility, and producing by questioning and focusing on the process. For this reason, we want to ensure the continuity of the development of leadership systematics, we want to integrate human value with knowledge and domination.

There are many reasons to feel valued at Papilon. Introduce yourself to us and take a step to join this system with a touch of papil.